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Communication skills in medicine 
Research evidence and References:


Are there problems in communication between doctors and patients?

Problems in communication -

Trials in communication outcome in the medical interview

Skills for Communicating with Patients Book information and ordering
Access to library services for primary care staff in East Anglia. Below is a list of the different county contacts. All of these libraries make freely available document supply and other help for primary care staff. You just need to contact the correct library for where you are based. If you need a particular research paper just email the reference details and a copy is sent to you in the post free of charge courtesy of the NHS.

Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire
Beds & Herts Health Library, Charter House, Parkway, Welwyn Garden City, Herts AL9 8JL
Tel:(01707) 361264 email patti.bristow@his-herts.nhs.uk

Anglia Support Partnership Knowledge Services, Kingfisher House, Hinchingbrooke Business Park,
Huntingdon, Cambs PE29 6FH
tel: (01480) 398622 email asplibrary@asp.nhs.uk

Library, Essex Public Health Resource Unit, Arcadia House, Warley Business Park, Brentwood, Essex CM13 3BE
Tel:01277 755211 Email: library.service@essex.nhs.uk

Library, Eastern Support Services, St Andrews House(Northside), St Andrews Business Park, Norwich, Norfolk NR7 0HT
Tel:01603 307332 email library@norfolk.nhs.uk

Library, Suffolk Public Health Network, Recreation Hall, St Clement's Hospital, Foxhall Road, Ipswich, Suffolk IP3 8LS
Tel:01473 329418 email lynn.scannell@lhp.nhs.uk

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Useful online resources and links to full text articles:
London Deanery - teaching skills

Patient - caregiver communication (including Patient education) in BMJ Other Journals
Patient - caregiver relationships in BMJ   Other journals

Patients' cultures in BMJ   Other journals

Patients' views in BMJ   Other journals
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Special needs of overseas and refugee doctors
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Informed Consent
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Doctors' morale and well being
Doctors' personal reflections
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Statistics and Research Methods
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Bayesian statistics: examples
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Qualitative Research: examples
Randomized Controlled Trials: descriptions
Randomized Controlled Trials: examples
Systematic reviews (incl meta-analyses): descriptions
Systematic reviews (incl meta-analyses): examples
Other Statistics and Research Methods: descriptions

Reading list Communication skills bookshop

1. “The Medical Interview- The Three Function Approach” Steven Cohen-Cole- Mosby Year Book 1991 (A good American description of the Three-Function Approach aimed mostly at undergraduates)

2. “Meetings between Experts- An approach to Sharing Ideas in Medical Consultations” Tuckett, Boulton, Olson, Williams, Tavistock Publications (1985)  (An excellent (if difficult to read) and formative British research project).

3. “Collaborative Clinical Education” Westberg and Jason, Spring (1993)

(A brilliant book on teaching in general, published in the USA)

4. “Teaching Communication Skills: A Problem Based Approach” Linda Gask et al, Postgraduate Education for General Practice 1991 vol. 2 number 1 7-15

(An alternative approach to communication skills teaching)

5. “Communication Skills for Medicine” Lloyd and Bor, Churchill-Livingstone 1996  (British book on teaching communication skills to undergraduates)

6. “Communicating with Medical Patients” Stewart and Roter, Sage 1989

(An excellent multi-authored book with excellent chapters on skills, teaching and research from many countries)

7. “The Medical Interview” Lipkin et al Springer-Verlag 1995

( enormous American reference text on the background to skills, teaching and research- very expensive)

8. “Patient-Centred Medicine- Transforming the Clinical Method” Stewart et al Sage Publication 1995

(An excellent introduction to patient-centred medicine and the all-important disease-illness model)

9. “Doctors talking with Patients, Patients talking with Doctors

Roter and Hall, Auburn House 1992

(An good research-based book on information-giving in particular

10. “Communication and Counselling in Health Care” Riccardi and Kurtz, Charles Thomas 1983 (An early description of the skills based approach that is presented in the Calgary-Cambridge Observation guide)

11. Skills for Communicating with Patients   


Silverman, Kurtz and Draper, Radcliffe Medical Press, 2004 updated second edition

(Our own new book for learners and teachers taking an evidence-based approach to the skills of medical communication.

12. Teaching and Learning Communication Skills in Medicine

Kurtz, Silverman and Draper, Radcliffe Medical Press, 2004

(Our second book on how to teach and learn communication skills)

13. “Understanding the Consultation: evidence theory and practice”

Tim Usherwood, Open University Press 1999

14. “What are you feeling Doctor? Identifying and avoiding defensive patterns in the consultation.” John Salinsky and Paul Sackin Radcliffe Medical Press 2000

15 Marrying Content and Process in Clinical Method Teaching: Enhancing the Calgary–Cambridge Guides
Suzanne Kurtz, Jonathan Silverman, John Benson, and Juliet Draper
Acad Med 2003 78: 802-809


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